Cityville Airports

Cityville Airports Coming Soon! Sneak Peek! Get ready to build an airport to connect it to the world coming soon!
cityville airport Cityville Airports

no other info so far, because on xml there’s only 2 pictures + 1 text here :
That looks like a great city down there! Let’s build an airport to connect it to the world!
cityville plane Cityville Airports

update :
cargo terminal
airport cityville Cityville Airports
here’s the airport picture ! the image already put on xml, we’ll see this building soon !

master the planes cargo and you can unlock some awesome free rewards for your city ! you can purchase these items on the market manually but it will cost a lot.
cityville planes cargo Cityville Airports

here are some destination you can travel for mastery :
cityville airport plane travel Cityville Airports

but i’m sure there will be goals + building materials coming up icon smile Cityville Airports

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