Cityville Build On Water Materials Links

Broaden Your Horizons for cityville build on water some vacant island !
landfill Cityville Build On Water Materials Links
Expand into the water toward the horizon so you can save more space on land!

there are 2 parts required to collect :
landfill grass
landfill sand

vacant island material links :
viral landfill grass 75x75 Cityville Build On Water Materials Links viral landfill sand 75x75 Cityville Build On Water Materials Links

mission : water world goal :
- Expand to build your Island : This will save you space on land
- Finish building your Island : Looking good so far
- Move 5 islands around : You can move the islands around in decoration mode

Vacant Island Guide
Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
A: This feature is available to players level 11+. This is gradually rolling out to more players.

Q: What are Vacant Islands?
A: Vacant Islands are land that you build on the water.

Q: What do I need to do to complete a Vacant Island?
A: Collect the Buildable parts required for each island and build the island as you would any other building.

Q: Can I build additional islands?
A: No. The islands that are are displayed are the only custom islands available at this time.

Q: Can I move my islands?
A: Islands can be moved only after expanded to and completed.

Q: Can I store my Vacant Islands in my Warehouse?
A: Yes! The islands can be stored after being expanded to and are not able to be deleted. Note The buildings on islands must be stored indivually and will lose all payouts and goods while stored.

Q: If I store a completed Island will I have to complete it again when I place it back?
A: No you will not; it will be in the same state in which it was removed.

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