Cityville Cops and Bandits

Remember cityville patrol ? well the feature is already live on xml file : cityville cops and bandits ! Click on your Police Station to start playing!

cityville patrol Cityville Cops and Bandits
cops and bandits in cityville

It’s time to build a police station to patrol your city street! Dangerous criminals are on the loose, catch them to earn great rewards.

Once you have reached level 10 you can take full advantage of this fun new feature.

To get started, you need a police station.
upgrading police station Cityville Cops and Bandits
upgrading police station in cityville

If you already have one you don’t need to build another. Once you have a fully built police station click on it to start the upgrade.
police station level 2 Cityville Cops and Bandits

finish your police station level 2 by collecting @5 for these materials :
- badge
- siren
- outfit
- ball and chain
- whistle

You can gather the materials you need by requesting them, when your friends send them to you from the free gifts page, or by purchasing them with City Cash.

Once you have completed upgrading your Police Station you will notice new special types of citizens patrolling your streets: Cityville Police Officers

police officers cityville Cityville Cops and Bandits
officers in cityville

You will get two(2) of these once you finish your first upgrade, and one(1) additional officer with each addition upgrade thereafter. If you hover your mouse over an officer you will recognize one of you neighbors! Your neighbors will be selected at random as your police officers, if you have less neighbors than the total number of officers for your Station level Sam will fill-in the empty spots.

If you click on your Police Station you will notice a new menu come up.
police officers Cityville Cops and Bandits
Cops Position :

there are some options from cityville police station :
1. Officers
2. Bandits
3. Upgrades

Every time you collect from a business there’s a chance of Bandit showing-up, click on that bandit to catch him and earn a reward.
bandits cityville Cityville Cops and Bandits

*Note: You have to have an active officer in order to catch a bandit. Bandits do not actually steal from your businesses, your earnings remain the same.

You can can see the list of all the reward different types of bandits will get you under the “Bandits” tab in the Police Station menu.
cityville billy the bandit Cityville Cops and Bandits

there are some ‘famous’ bandit name available icon razz Cityville Cops and Bandits here are the list of cityville bandits that you can catch :
- Billy The Bandit
- Meowing Marauder
- Couture Criminal
- Pie-Faced Pete
- Mommy & Clyde
- The Heartbreaker

Cops & Bandits Unlocked ! Collect from businesses for a chance to catch bandits and win rewards!
Bandit Spotted ! Click bandits to catch them! You can win great rewards!
Bandit Captured!
xxx caught {banditName} ! Catch xxx more bandits to unlock your next upgrade!
xxx caught {banditName} and unlocked your next upgrade! Click your Police Station now!
{friendName} caught {banditName}! You can find the reward in your inventory.

Great job! Now get your Officer back on duty. Click your Police Station!

and the bandit can escape too icon sad Cityville Cops and Bandits
Bandit Escaped! You need to hire more cops to catch this bandit!
Go to Police Station

there are 2 status for your police :

if your police status ‘sleeping’ look for donuts, Donuts wake sleeping officers instantly!

Each time one of your officers catches a bandit they will need to get some sleep, in order to use that officer again you will need a donut to wake them back up. You can ask your friends for donuts or purchase one(1) for 5 City Cash.

You can also upgrade your Police station from the third tab in the same menu. (more info please read cityville police station upgrades)

cityville police station upgrades Cityville Cops and Bandits
Upgrade station to unlock : Collect from businesses to catch bandits!
Police Level 2 – Station Level 2
Police Level 3 – Station Level 3
Police Level 4 – Station Level 4

In order to upgrade it you will have to catch the specified number of bandits or use City Cash; and starting from level 2 your officers will pick up bandits in police cars!

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