Cityville Cruise Ships

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cityville cruise ships Cityville Cruise Ships
cruise ship in cityville

Keep your eye on the horizon, Cruise Ships are coming soon to CityVille! Where will they take your citizens? Play now and don’t miss their arrival!

UPDATE ! the feature is here icon smile Cityville Cruise Ships
It’s time to build a port and welcome citizens from all over the world! Tourists from Cruise Ships will speed up businesses in your city, and cruise ships themselves are a new source of income.

Here’s a quick summary of this feature

Benefits of Cruise Ships
- Provide income for your city in exchange for goods
- Deliver tourists

Benefits of Tourists
Speed up how quickly the businesses in your city sell out after you supply them.

A few cruise ships FAQs
Q: Can I have more than one(1) cruise ship?
A: Not at this time.
Q: Can I have more than one(1) City Port?
A: Not at this time.
Q: How long does it take for the cruise ship to come back with tourists?
A: 12 hours.
Q: How long do the tourists stay?
A: You will have 30 tourists in your city, once they visit a business they will leave. Reloading your city for whatever reason (such as visiting a neighbor) will also remove the tourists from your city.
Q: What will happen if I delete the port?
A: It will return to your inventory, if you wish to use it again it will have to be rebuilt. Please note that if you delete the port while your cruise ship is away it will still be away once you rebuild.
Q: Does this feature have any prerequisites?
A: Yes, you have to be level 20 to receive this feature and accompanying quests.

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