Cityville Daily Email Reward

Cityville Daily Email Reward ! Have you received your Daily Reward Email today?

Click on the new Daily Rewards Icon today to learn more and this will allow cityville to send you these rewarding emails!

Choose Your Reward!
cityville daily reward email Cityville Daily Email Reward
Your reward will be delivered to your email every day. Be sure to check your inbox tomorrow.

Thanks for signing up! Check your inbox every day to collect your chosen reward.
cityville daily reward delivery Cityville Daily Email Reward
the reward for daily email are :
1. Crew or Material
2. Energy
3. Mystery

CLICK FOR A REWARD! and there’re some status + error you can get :
invalid status : You can’t claim this reward!
already claimed : You’ve already claimed this reward!
reward expired : This reward has expired. Email rewards expire within 24 hours. Be sure to collect them as soon as they arrive!
got reward : You got a reward! Play CityVille now!
not mine : Sorry, this reward does not belong to you.

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