Cityville Error 28

Many players got loading bar stuck at 92% today with cityville error 28 icon sad Cityville Error 28

first they got this “CityVille has been enhanced, please refresh your browser” pop up and once refreshed, they got that number 28 error at 92% of the loading, on any of browsers (firefox4, firefox 5 aurora, google chrome 10) and 2 laptops :
Error #28: Error calling function UserService.initUser-> can’t connect to server with dsn=mysql:host=10.104.55
cityville error 28 Cityville Error 28

how to fix error 28 in cityville ?
we must wait zynga team fix this issue icon sad Cityville Error 28 at least zynga team already mark this as known issues

Miss Jenny – CityVille Super Moderator says :
Hey Citizens,
This loading issue has been reported. Thanks for your patience while it is investigated. We’ll post an update when it has been resolved.
Miss Jenny

CityVille is experiencing intermittent loading issues. Thank you for your patience as we investigate.

for more information you can post in this thread :

Status: Investigating/Repairing
Issue: The loading progress bar reaches 92% then stops loading.

Some players may be experiencing loading issues this morning. The team is currently working on resolving this issue. We appreciate your patience and hope to have everyone back in game shortly.

If you would like to report your issue please provide the following:
What is your browser and version?
Have you tired using a different browser?
What is your operating system and version?
What does the loading progress bar say when it get’s stuck?
Are you always experiencing this issue when loading the game, or can you load the game sometimes?
Are you always experiencing the same issue (as in, are always getting stuck on the same %)?
When did this issue start?
Do you remember if anything else happened shortly before this issue started?
Could you please provide your facebook user ID (or profile link)?

when you load cityville today you should see this :
CityVille is experiencing intermittent loading issues. Thank you for your patience as we investigate.

Update : CityVille Loading Issues 04/21/2011
Amalia – Super Moderator
Hello City Builders,
The loading issues that were affecting some players on April 21st, 2011, should now be resolved
If you are still experiencing the issue where you cannot load past 92%, please post the requested information in the following general bug reporting thread:

We thank you for your patience and your continued support.

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