Cityville Holiday Town Elf Party

Since many players asked a quest requirement how to throw elf party in cityVille game in holidaytown, i will answer it on this post icon smile Cityville Holiday Town Elf Party

the goal required you to throwing elf party in holiday town, so how to have an elf party on holidayville ?
first, you need to finish the LEVEL 4 Christmas Tree. The Christmas Tree is in your inventory, you have to collect gifts to move up levels and at level 4 like decorated tree, snow fort and gift pile
When finished, the Elf Party will be then available in the Decoration screen. (:

Expand your town as much as you can first. The tree is HUGE and you can’t store it once you’ve placed it. Trust me on this. Expand, expand, expand.
cityville holidaytown christmas tree Cityville Holiday Town Elf Party
send gifts to help your friends ! collect more to unlock special decorations in the market !

do you have any holidaytown goals stuck ? tell us here, maybe we can help you icon smile Cityville Holiday Town Elf Party

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