Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Guide to Cityville Neighborhoods ! Make more room in your city by building Neighborhoods!

cityville neighborhoods guide Cityville Neighborhoods Guide
there are 4 new neighborhood quest :
part 1 : neighborhood watch
part 2 : block party
part 3 : movin on up
part 4 : welcome wagon

and to finish these mission, you must learn about the neighborhood first icon smile Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Save space by combining your residences
Look great in your city!

Summary FAQ
Q: Can I build more than one (1) neighborhood?
A: Yes you can.

Q: Which residences can I place in each neighborhood?
A: You will notice new themes associated with each residence in the neighborhood; also, the ones you can place in your selected neighborhood will be highlighted.

Q: Which neighborhood is associated with each new theme?
A: You will be able to see this by hovering over each neighborhood in the build menu; here is the list.
- Gated Community – Family
- Uptown Estates – Apartments
- Palm Towers – Vacation
- More Coming Soon!

Q: Do neighborhoods drop population “doobers” (moving trucks that increase your population)?
A: Yes, there is a chance to randomly receive these and increase your population every time you collect from your neighborhoods; as long as not all the residences in that neighborhood are at maximum population.

Q: Will current decorations affect neighborhood bonuses?
A: No, but you will receive special decorations for neighborhoods by completing the associated quests.

Q: Can I upgrade neighborhoods?
A: Yes, please see part 2 of this guide for more information.

Q: Will neighborhoods’ appearance change with level?
A: No, but it will change as you fill it with residences.

Step by step guide
You can find the new neighborhoods in the build menu under the Residences > Neighborhoods tab. You will be able to see which theme is associated with each neighborhood, as well as how many residences of that type are currently in your city.
cityville neighborhoods menu Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Purchase the desired neighborhood, place and build it.
cityville build neighborhood Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

how to place residences into neighborhood
Once the neighborhood is built, click on it to open the menu.
cityville gated community Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Click on the “Fill” button to place a residence inside your neighborhood.
cityville inside your neighborhood Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

All residences of applicable type will be highlighted.
cityville residence Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Click on the desired residence to place it inside your neighborhood.
cityville fill residence into neighborhood Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

You will notice that your neighborhood now looks slightly different; this is because while neighborhoods do not change their appearance with each level, they do change as you add more residences to them.

Gated Community
cityville gated community build Cityville Neighborhoods Guide cityville gated community residence Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Uptown Estates
cityville uptown estates Cityville Neighborhoods Guide cityville uptown estates residence Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Palm Towers
cityville palm towers Cityville Neighborhoods Guide cityville palm towers residence Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

You will be able to collect rent from your neighborhood the same way you currently collect it residences. You will see a countdown clock over your neighborhood and once it’s ready to collect you will see a coin symbol above it.
cityville neighborhood collect rent Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Select the coin to collect from your neighborhood; once you click you will see the following pop-up informing you how much energy collecting from the currently selected neighborhood will cost you.
cityville harvest gated community Cityville Neighborhoods Guide

Build neighborhoods to save space and give your city an even more unique look!

next guide : how to unlock block 2 in cityville neighborhood upgrade

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