Cityville Pier Upgrade

UPGRADE PIER NOW! Yup now you can get a new level from cityville pier upgrade ! Increase the amount of goods your pier can store, unlock new ships and expand the length of your dock!
cityville shipping upgrade Cityville Pier Upgrade
Shipping has been upgraded! Level up your piers and add new ships to get more goods!

Gather parts to upgrade your Pier.
Pier Plank
Mooring Line

use material request links to get items faster :
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there are 5 goals for pier upgrade :
part 1 : dock star
part 2 : sunken treasure
part 3 : lonely island
part 4 : super freighter
part 5 : bigger fish to fry

Benefits of shipping upgrade :
- Save Space
- Increase your Payouts and Storage.
- Increase size of Pier.
- Piers now unlocked in Build Menu.
- Earn great rewards.

Summary FAQ
Q: When does this feature unlock.
A: Level 20+.

Q: I’m Level 20 and don’t see this feature yet, where is it?
A: This is gradually being rolled out to more players. Thanks for your patience while we work to bring this feature to all players.

Q: I see a pop-up asking me if I want to take advantage of a one time offer to place a water expansion, will I see it again if I close it?
A: No, this is a one-time offer.

Q: Where can I place the expansion from the one time offer?
A: Anywhere on the water; when you attempt to place it in an appropriate location the square will be green, otherwise it will be red.

Q: How can I unlock freighters and super freighters.
A: By upgrading a pier and completing quests.

Q: Where will the quest rewards go?
A: Into your inventory.

Q: What Piers are available to upgrade?
A: The Export Port and the Pier.

Q: Am I able to upgrade my City Port?
A: No, this is currently not an option.

Q: What if I’ve never unlocked the Pier through the New Seaport Goal? How can I get one?
A: If you are Level 20+ and click “OKAY” on the Shipping Upgrade Announcement you will unlock the ability to purchase the pier in the Build Menu.

Q: Are costs higher to use freighters and super freighters?
A: Yes, but they also return with more goods.

Q: I’m collecting from ships, but it’s not registering for my pier upgrade, why is that?
A: Please make sure you are collecting from ships on the pier you wish to upgrade.

Q: How can i get parts to upgrade my piers?
A: By asking your friends or purchasing these items

Q: How high can I upgrade my pier?
A: You can upgrade each pier up to Level 2.

Q: If I upgrade one pier does it upgrade them all?
A: You need to upgrade each Pier individually. However, the buildable parts required will carry over to your other piers.

Shipping Upgrade Guide
If you are Level 20 and above and have not unlocked the pier previously nor expanded to the water cityville will give you a discount to expand there.
cityville expand your city Cityville Pier Upgrade
Regardless if you place the water expansion the Pier will become unlocked in the Build Menu if you are Level 20+ and click “OKAY” on the Shipping Upgrade Announcement.

Note: This item was previously locked by the “New Seaport Goal”

Once you have placed your water expansion you may place the Pier you purchased or earned through the New Seaport Goal at the edge of the Water.
cityville upgrade pier Cityville Pier Upgrade
To upgrade your Pier click the Green Arrow above this building.

By clicking on this you will receive the following pop up and be asked to fulfill the following requirements.
cityville upgrade your pier Cityville Pier Upgrade
upgrade your pier requirements :
- harvest 30 ships or freighters on this pier
- have 3 freighters
- gather parts to upgrade your pier

Get your friends to help you accomplish these goals faster by asking for the parts you need.

3 levels of upgrades :
420 goods
6′ dock

1500 goods
8′ dock

2500 goods
10′ dock

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