Cityville Start Your Engines Goal

Remember the Attractions that are coming to your city ? the amusement park rides is a go kart attraction ! you can see it in cityville start your engines goal
cityville pedal to the metal Cityville Start Your Engines Goal
Attractions Are Here! Go for a ride on CityVille’s all new Attractions!

Tourists should be thrilled to visit xx city. And nothing’s more thrilling than racing around a go kart track!

After sitting in traffic each day, I’d love to be able to step on the gas in a go kart! The faster, the better! quest requirements :
- Place a Go Kart Attraction : You can find the Go Kart Attraction under Businesses in the Build Menu
- Open Go Kart Attraction : Click on your Go Kart Attraction to open it
- Collect from your Go Kart Attraction : Tourists spend more money at Attractions than regular people do

It’s a race to race! Everyone in xx city is revving up for some fast fun. Complete the Go-Kart attraction quickly to win the best rewards!

rewards :
ea27a0c74f29c3bf649771ed5e387a6e Cityville Start Your Engines Goal
Gold (4 days): The Claw + 1800 coins
Silver : 1000 goods + 1800 coins
Bronze : 1800 coins

Wow, that was fun! I feel like I did pretty well out there. I just hope that helmet didn’t mess up my hair!

xx is off to the races at their new Go Kart Track!
xx took the checkered flag at the new Go Kart Track today. Technically, they didn’t win the race. Hence, their decision to just take the checkered flag.
Get City Reward

the go kart mission should be rolled out now

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