Cityville Warehouse

Cityville Warehouse have arrived ! if you want to store your decorations away, try a special warehouse today ! level 12 and up !

cityville warehouses Cityville Warehouse
warehouse in cityville

There’s also a new goal : store decorations in cityville for this warehouse

Once you reach level 12 you will receive the warehouse quest and find the new warehouse in your inventory, put it on your city and whack it 10 times then you’ll need help from 3 friends to build it.

cityville warehouse Cityville Warehouse
warehouse inside inventory

staff your warehouse
community buildings need to be staffed with employees, hire your friends to work in your warehouse !
there are 3 position available to fill – ask friends or fill position with 6 city cash
1. floor supervisor
2. forklift driver
3. shipping manager

Once it’s built you will be able to use the warehouse tool to store your decorations, which can be found by clicking on the multi-tool button.
warehouse tool Cityville Warehouse
cityville warehouse tool

Once you select the warehouse tool, you can move an item to storage by clicking on it.

When you click on the warehouse building (not the warehouse tool) you’ll see the warehouse menu.

From here you can remove your stored decorations (by clicking on them) and expand your storage by adding more space. You can add more space by asking your friends for help, each friend that helps will increase your storage capacity by 1; for a total maximum storage of 12.
*Note: You cannot build additional storage units at this time.

warehouse add more space Cityville Warehouse
add more space in cityville warehouse

hire your friend to expand the warehouse – fill these position
4. receiving clerk
5. heavy lifter
6. light lifter
7. packer
8. picker
9. stocker
10, 11, 12. custodian

You can move your warehouse back to your inventory by using the “remove” tool (note that this works only for warehouses and headquarters, the “remove” tool permanently deletes all other items); please note that your warehouse has to be empty before it can be returned to inventory. Once the warehouse is returned to inventory it would have to be rebuilt if you wish to use it again; that includes expanding it to maximum capacity.

Update : now you can upgrade your warehouse !

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