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Cityville Cosmetic Store

Cityville Cosmetic Store is a 3×3 sized business available in CityVille. It costs 1,900 coins and 3 energy to build. You will need this building for cityville find lost luggage

how to get cosmetic store in cityville ?
go to build > business , you can see it available for 1900 coins but it’s locked

how to unlock cosmetic store in cityville :
you must have 400 population to unlocked

cityville cosmetic store Cityville Cosmetic Store
cosmetic store in cityville

It consumes 25 goods when supplied and earns 120 coins when collecting rent, you can also get forever young collection icon smile Cityville Cosmetic Store


Cityville Sam Reports Goal

There’s a new 7 goal series that will reward you cityville tree house ! let’s start from cityville sam reports goal

I’m interviewing the city’s most important characters about a day in their lives, starting with Ruth!

cityville sam reports Cityville Sam Reports Goal
GOAL: SAM REPORTS in cityville

Make Ruth’s museum exhibit crazy and beautiful!
- Have Museum
- Collect from Community Buildings 5 Times
- Place 1 Pink Flowers (From Forever Young Collection turn in)

I’m sure people (and Ruth’s pigeon friends) will fly here to see the exhibits!

Neato! My interview revealed that Ruth’s new museum is really taking flight! Tell all your friends!

next you will unlock goal : cityville sam ‘n paul’s chat

part 3 : cityville bake the cake
part 4 : cityville dough tossing
part 5 : cityville feed the team
part 6 : cityville edgar’s shoe shine