Cityville Update 5/12/11

Release Notes for cityville update 5/12/11 – Please see the following list of enhancements and updates.

Added upgrade ability to the Bank. Players will be able to level up this building to change appearance of building, increase population and drop rates and receive a chance to gain Gold Plates when collecting.

Introduced Mystery Animals to Zoos. This gives players the option to purchase a “Mystery Animal”. A Mystery animal will include any of the current animals in the Habitat they are purchasing from.
Note: This feature is unavailable for players if they are at their maximum number (36) of animals in Zoo.

Updated the “Build Menu” which includes:
- Introduced a new limited time High Population Home (Beachside Suites), 1 New Business (Cable Car Restaurant), 3 New Decorations, and 1 New Landmark (Pyramid Skyrise).
Note: Landmark requires buildable materials to complete.
- Added a timer to the Baypoint Duplex and the Carousel. These items will be removed when the timer expires.
Note: For the quest that requires a carousel, we will grant the carousel and allow players to place.
- The Parkside Villa will now pay out 500 coins every 2 days.

Zynga Message Center Fix
Fixed the issue where players were unable to accept requests past the first request.
Movie Start Questline #2
Changed the task from “Collect from neighbor’s Cosmetic store 5 times” to “Send tour buses to neighbor’s Cosmetic Store 5 times.”