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Don’t you wish you could tell your friends how to help? Now you and your neighbors can tell each other exactly where you want help. Click on the arrow button > get help to bring up the new tool! Visit Neighbors today to get cityville hearts because your reputation level matters!
cityville hearts Cityville Hearts
Guide to New and Improved Neighbor Visits (Request Help Tool)

Use the new Request Help Tool to let your neighbors know where you need help, also finish cityville love thy neighbor goal !

cityville request help tool Cityville Hearts
Feature Overview
- This feature is available to levels 10+.
- Use the Request Help Tool to mark with hearts where you need help.
- The amount of hearts you have (your heart inventory) is tied to your Reputation Level.
- Increase your Reputation Level by visiting your neighbors.
- You can request help on any item that a neighbor can usually tend.
- If a neighbor helps with the items you requested, you’ll be able to post a reward to their wall.

Frequently Asked Questions :
[Q]: How does my heart inventory work?
[A]: You have an inventory of hearts which you can use at any time. Using the Help Request tool takes hearts out of your inventory. Hearts are returned to your inventory when a neighbor tends your marked items, when you harvest or tend your own marked items, or when you use the Help Request Tool to remove the heart from an item.
[Q]: If a friend collects rent from my residences, will I still have a chance to receive population drops?
[A]: Yes.
[Q]: Can I change my mind about where I want help?
[A]: Yes, you can go back to the Request Help tool and click again on an item to remove the heart.
[Q]: Can I see my heart inventory?
[A]: Yes, your heart inventory will display in an icon at the top right of your screen when you are in the Help Request tool.

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Cityville Love Thy Neighbor Goal

With the new cityville hearts feature released there’s a new goal too ! You can now ask neighbors for specific help in your City. Place hearts so your neighbors know what you need!


Now you and your neighbors can tell each other exactly where you want help. Have a heart and help out. Requirements for this mission :
- Place 5 Hearts in your City : Click on the arrow button to select the heart tool. Level up your reputation to get more hearts!
- Click on 10 Hearts in your Neighbors’ cities : Visit City Sam to help you progress on this task!

Helping out is the Neighborly thing to do. Especially when they help you out too!

rewards : 100 XP

xx helped out their Neighbors
xx city is asking for a helping hand. Why not visit their city and click on the hearts to help them out.
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