Cityville Space Exploration

Prepare for cityville space exploration ! Let’s build a space shuttle ! collect the parts and fuel needed to prepare for launch !
SpSh3 Cityville Space Exploration
to get parts faster please see cityville space shuttle material links

collect rocket fuel from space shuttle buildings !
Completing the Space Shuttle earns you up to 10,000 coins, 10 energy, 100 reputation, 100 XP and 1000 goods!

there are 6 items to collect with 4 levels, here are the requirements for each level :
4 Shuttle Plans
6 Space Compass
8 Space Boots
10 Rocket Jets
12 Space Map
14 Space Suit

Preparing For Launch
Bobby the space monkey is still in training, but he will be ready soon ! stay tuned for shuttle launch !
- moon mission
- mars mission
- jupiter mission
- saturn mission
- mission to sun
spsh6 Cityville Space Exploration